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Welcome to Order Victorious!

Guild Theme:

  • Order Victorious is a competent, serious-to-casual guild focused on Tier 4 RVR content in an environment of camaraderie. 

Guild Culture:

  • Closely-knit, intelligent players focused on end-game personal and group growth as well as the domination of Order over Destruction on Iron Rock. 
  • Guild Ranks are divided into two categories:  Ranks for general membership (Probationer to Knight), which are based on capability for Tier 4 participation, and Ranks for those who demonstrate greater commitment to Order Victorious' membership and advancement. 

Favored Guild Member Player Age Range:

  • Mature, respectful members from college age upwards. 

What qualities define the members of Order Victorious?

  • Intelligence (those who think through decisions, strive to understand the game, and are reasonable)
  • Respect (treating superiors, peers, and underlings as you'd want to be treated, and respecting the chain of command when RVR is afoot)
  • Perseverance (persisting in the face of difficulty where success is realistically achievable)
  • Humility (knowing your capabilities and being realistic about them with yourself and others)
  • Humor (being willing to laugh at one's own mistakes and successes)

Who will not like this guild and/or will quickly wear out their welcome?

  • Immature individuals (those who disregard the well being of others and don't know when to cease joking)
  • Freelancers (those who are only out for their own gain without regard for the effect on others)
  • Underminers (those who question decisions in ways that are nonconstructive and disrespectful)
  • Bullies (those who are verbally abusive to others)
  • Know-it-alls (those Warhammer Online players who think they know everything and constantly inform everyone)
  • Slackers (those who expect handouts and refuse to work for achievement)

Guild Group Removal Policy:

  • If, in an OV warband, scenario, or instance, you exemplify the above negative traits and do not correct your behavior when confronted, you will be removed and are not welcome to return. 

Be advised that Order Victorious leaders expect swift obedience from group members if commands are given.  If you have a question about a certain course of conduct, let the group/warband assistants or leader know in a constructive way (time permitting).  However, if disagreements persist, you will follow the leader's decision. 

Welcome to Order Victorious! 

Guild News

Minor Changes to Ranking:

Stefanya, Sep 10, 10 3:31 AM.
Hey OV,

Just a few quick changes I'm making to the revised rankings I posted:

"Auxiliary" will be called "Squire" now, the previous "Squire" will be called "Knight," and the previous "Knight" will be called "Knight Superior." 

It seemed odd that so many members would be Squires, when they're currently called some variation of Knight. 

Also, Greater Nobles will have the ability to assign standard bearers. 

That's all!  I'll be reclassifying everyone this weekend.  :)

Victoriously yours,
- Stefanya Snowheart

Greetings OV - Update, Change List (so far)

Stefanya, Sep 6, 10 7:28 PM.
Greetings, OV!

This is Stefanya, your new guild leader.  Our beloved Lady Shay was beset with serious real life complications and was required to step down from leadership.  She and Lord Ridlor entrusted me with the reigns of OV, so I'm hard at work serving you!

There are a number of goals I have for OV.  I'll list them and give a brief description.  They are:

(1) Re-focusing the guild on Tier 4 content

When OV started in September '09, we were originally envisioned as a multi-tier guild that would cover all aspects of RVR gameplay from ranks 1-40.  However, that focus was difficult to maintain and overwhelmed many of our officers and players. 

Since many of our active members are now in tier 4, and because multi-tiered content is better served by other guilds (like Imperial Militia, run by OV's original guild leader, Issendor), I'm hard at work revising OV's policies to give us an end-game focus and drive. 

This has led to me to goal (2), which is: 

(2) Redefining and simplifying guild ranks

In the past week, I've completely reworked the Guild Ranks.  In the interest of simplicity, I've cut out many of the complicated and overly-administrative tasks and re-focused us on tier 4 progression. 

Noble Houses, while an excellent idea, proved too much to administer.  They've been replaced with a single (unnamed) guild-wide noble house, led by the Guild Leader, and advised by the Greater and Lesser Nobles. 

While the Guild Rank page gives greater guidance, here's a (VERY brief) description of the new ranks: 

Probationer - New Member
Auxiliary - Sub Tier 4 Member
Squire - New Tier 4 Member
Knight - Greater Warded Tier 4 Member
Lesser Noble - Junior Officer
Greater Noble - Officer
Guild Leader - Me

We'll be re-classifying all guild members based on these ranks in the next week. 

Those former nobles in OV who are still active (i.e. logged in within the last two weeks) will be reclassified as Lesser Nobles for the time being, unless they indicate a desire to give up their noble status. 

I will appoint new Greater Nobles on a person-by-person basis. 

Also, there's a reference in the Guild Ranks to new General and Noble Codes of Conduct.  I will be defining these very soon. 

(3) Removing inactive membership

Those members who haven't logged on in at least one month will be removed from Order Victorious.  This includes player alts who don't log on either. 

Guild membership must be active for us to thrive.  That is a MAJOR goal.  :)

(4) Recruiting new members

Out with the inactive, in with the awesome.  Once we've redone the ranks and made sure our membership is current, we'll be looking to recruit new and active tier 4 players into OV. 

Much of this recruitment will be ongoing, and I anticipate that the new, sleek corvette that is OV will naturally attract newcomers.  :)

(5) Updating the Guild Website

There is TONS of content here - some of it is still relevant, some is not.  I'm pruning the website and removing the unnecessary info. 

I'd also like to add some brief guides on how to reach Greater Ward status and maximize your renown gain (via oRvR, scenarios, and cities).  I may also type up some guides for Lost Vale and Tomb of the Vulture Lord bosses, as I lead these instances on a frequent basis. 

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you!  Look for these goals to be met within the next two weeks, and for us to get some serious warband, scenario, and even possible PVE content rolling.  :)

Also, thank you for your patience as we make steady progress.  I have a demanding day job, but I'm committed to making OV a bastion of glory and ownage!

Victoriously Yours,
Stefanya Snowheart

Registering Instructions

Emmyvictoria, Jul 8, 10 8:58 AM.


Please make sure to read the registering instructions PRIOR to registration - your account name should be your main character's name.

Donations made to the above PayPal account are not received by, and are solely for the site administrator who configured this content.
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